A Philippines Success Story April , 2007

The Calvin Ayre Foundation celebrates the story of a young girl with inborn acute pancreatitis in the Philippines.


location: Philippines

Sharry is a little girl in the Philippines who has inborn acute pancreatitis. When her mother contacted us, Sharry was not expected to live much longer. For around a thousand dollars Sharry was able be taken to a private hospital, have the necessary testing done and receive the medication she needed to save her life. We couldn't be more proud after receiving a letter from Sharry’s mother after her daughter had made an amazing recovery…

On behalf of my daughter Sharry, I would like to extend to extend my warmest gratitude for the help you have extended to us. We are fortunate that in spite of our troubles we are not alone in facing them. Your help has greatly helped my daughter’s recovery. We just visited her doctor and so far she is in good health, hopefully she will be forever healthy. It was really hard seeing her in the hospital bed crying out when pain struck her. The harder part is that she developed self-pity, so now we are trying to help her become emotionally healthy as well. I am hoping that we can meet in person so we can thank you personally. God Bless,Annalie Echavez