Supporting Saigon Children to escape the cycle of poverty. The Calvin Ayre Foundation supports the Saigon Children’s Charity with donations of books, pens, and food.

The Calvin Ayre Foundation actively supports charitable organizations around the globe. One of these organizations is the Saigon Children’s Charity. The goal of the Saigon Children’s Charity is to help disadvantaged Vietnamese children escape from the cycle of poverty and bring them a brighter future through education and training.

They build schools (village primary schools) or if need be, repair schools which are in need of upgrades. They give the poorest children scholarships so that they can go to school – this includes the donation of books, pens, rice and sometimes a bicycle. They run a comprehensive vocational training school that gives young people the skills and confidence they need and then they help to find jobs for them. Sewing, hairdressing, computer skills and English lessons are some of the programs they make available.